Multiplication Table: Why is it Important?

Learning Multiplication Tables is very important. It becomes difficult for children to apply some basic Math Concepts if they aren't good at tables. This is the reason why children are made to learn Times Tables from childhood. How good a Child is in the Multiplication table has numerous short-term and long-term benefits for him/her in Math & Life.
Immediate Benefits of the Course:-  You will remember times tables without memorizing. You will be able to write any Multiplication table in under a minute. Your Mental Calculation Speed will increase by 3-4 times. These techniques will become a part of your Everyday Calculations.
Long-Term Benefits of the Course:- You will excel in School Exams and perform well in Competitive Exams. Your confidence will get a boost and your concentration will also increase. And, above all, you will start enjoying & loving Maths.

Learn Multiplication Tables

Till 10,000 in Just 3 DAYS

@1000/- Rs.299/- ONLY

How will “Multiplication Table Course” help in LIFE

Excel in School Maths 

Excel in School Maths 

Perform in Competitive Exams 

Perform in Competitive Exams 

Master Mental Multiplication

Master Mental Multiplication

Improve Concentration

Improve Concentration

Enjoy Maths

Enjoy Maths

Increase Your Confidence

Increase Your Confidence

Course Curriculum

🚀 Start & Check: Launching Your Multiplication Table Adventure
  • How to Attend the Course (Introduction)
  • Pre-Course Test
📅 Day 1: Test, Talk, and Practice Multiplication Tables!
  • LECTURE: How to remember Basic Tables (Concepts)
  • Basic Tables Chart
  • Practice Exercise-1
  • Practice Exercise-2
🎯 Day 2: Exploring Multiplication Table Lectures & Practice
  • LECTURE: Tables from 11 to 99 Mentally (Concept)
  • Practice Exercise-3
  • LECTURE: Tables from 11 to 99 Mentally (Application)
  • Practice Exercise-4
  • LECTURE: Tables from 100 to 999 (Concept)
  • Practice Exercise-5
  • LECTURE: Tables from 100 to 999 (Application)
  • Practice Exercise-6
🌟 Day 3: Advancing Through More Multiplication Tables & Practice
  • LECTURE: Tables from 1000 to 9999 (Concept & Application)
  • Practice Exercise-7
  • Practice Exercise-8
🏁 Final Day: Conclusion & Mastery Test of Multiplication Tables!
  • How to move ahead (Conclusion)
  • Final Test (All the Best)
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🎁 Bonus Tricks: Additional Fun with Multiplication Tables!
  • Bonus Lecture-1 (Mental Division by Multiplication Table)
  • Bonus Lecture-2 ( Multiplication by Multiples of 10 )
  • Bonus Lecture-3 ( Multiplication by 5, 25, 125... )
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Learn Multiplication Tables

Till 10,000 in Just 3 DAYS

@1000/- Rs.299/- ONLY


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Shrishti Tiwari (Parent)


Hi Mam, My daughter Saanvi just completed your new course Master Calculation. After we completed MAC last year with you, we were waiting for this course of yours and I am thankful to you that you did so much hardwork in this course. Really, it’s so great. Also, the way you have taken the best methods of calculation from all calculation techniques like Vedic Maths and Mental Calculation is also amazing. It is a very comprehensive course. Her school math teacher was impressed with her improvement in Maths and the full credit goes to your MAC and MCC course. Eager to see what you launch next. Regards

Samyak Basu (Parent)


What an amazing course! Honestly, I have seen many online and offline courses on math calculation, be it Vedic Maths or Abacus, and have taken quite a few for my 11 year old son, but yours is the best. He is a fan of yours Swarnali Mam! The way you guided in the course was amazing. Now he is able to do his calculations within seconds. And not only that, his overall confidence in Math has also increased. Thanks to you Mam and thanks to the whole Welcome2Maths team.

About Mentor

swarnali saha

Swarnali Saha

Swarnali Mam is one of the most sought-after Math Life Skills mentors today in India. Her unique teaching style is loved by students and appreciated by parents across the country. In the past few years, thousands of students have taken guidance from her through her courses and gotten benefited from it. Since 2019, she has made her presence felt in online too through her courses in Welcome2Maths. All Welcome2Maths online courses have been rated very highly by students and parents alike.

Frequently asked questions

This course would help a student in many ways. In short term, it will help students in school and college Maths and in competitive exams such as Olympiad, NTSE, SAT, GRE, CAT etc. In long term, it will develop important life skills such as Mental Calculation Ability, Logical thinking, Reasoning etc.
This validity of the course is 30 Days
This course is useful for all. From school students to college students to professionals to teachers, everyone can get benefited from the skill of fast and accurate calculations.
This course is going to concentrate only on a part of Mental Multiplication i.e. Multiplication tables. If you want to learn more then you can enrol for our Master Calculation Course.
The medium of instruction is English.
Learn Multiplication Tables

Till 10,000 in Just 3 DAYS

@1000/- Rs.299/- ONLY
How is multiplication Table useful in our daily life

How to learn table 1 to 20?

Learning multiplication tables from 1 to 20 can seem like a daunting task, but with the right   approach and practice, it can become much more manageable. Here's a step-by-step guide   to learning tables 1 to 20 while also highlighting the benefits of mastering multiplication:

  • Start with the basics: Begin by mastering the multiplication tables from 1 to 10. These foundational tables are essential for understanding multiplication concepts and building a strong mathematical base.

  • Use repetition: Repetition is key to memorizing multiplication tables. Regular practice helps reinforce memory and improves recall speed.

  • Visual aids: Utilize visual aids such as multiplication charts or flashcards to make learning more engaging and facilitate memorization. Visual representations can enhance understanding and retention of multiplication facts.

  • Break it down: Divide the task of learning tables 11 to 20 into smaller, manageable chunks. Focus on mastering one table at a time before moving on to the next.

  • Practice regularly: Dedicate consistent time each day to practice multiplication tables. Regular practice sessions improve fluency and increase confidence in multiplication skills.

  • Use mnemonic devices: Mnemonic devices, such as rhymes, songs, or memory aids, can help associate multiplication facts with memorable cues, making them easier to recall.

  • Apply the tables: Apply multiplication tables to real-life situations, such as calculating measurements, solving problems, or budgeting. Practical application reinforces learning and demonstrates the relevance of multiplication in everyday life.

  • Review and reinforce: Periodically review multiplication tables to maintain retention. Regular review sessions prevent forgetting and strengthen memory of multiplication facts.

  • Stay positive: Learning multiplication tables takes time and effort, so maintain a positive attitude and celebrate progress along the way. Stay motivated and persistent in your learning journey.

  • Seek additional resources: If needed, seek additional resources such as online tutorials, educational apps, or tutoring sessions to supplement learning. Additional support can provide guidance and assistance in mastering multiplication tables.

Benefits of learning multiplication tables:

  • Improved mental math skills: Mastering multiplication tables enhances mental math abilities, enabling quicker and more accurate calculations.
  • Enhanced problem-solving skills: Proficiency in multiplication facilitates problem-solving in various mathematical contexts and real-life scenarios.
  • Increased confidence: Successfully learning multiplication tables boosts confidence in mathematical abilities and fosters a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Preparation for higher-level math: Understanding multiplication lays the foundation for learning more advanced mathematical concepts and operations.
  • Time-saving: Quick recall of multiplication facts saves time in academic assessments, standardized tests, and daily tasks requiring mathematical calculations.

By following these strategies and recognizing the benefits of learning multiplication tables, individuals can develop strong mathematical skills and excel in their academic and personal life.

How can I learn multiplication tables easily?

Learning multiplication tables doesn't have to be hard! Here are some easy and friendly ways to make it simpler:

  • Start with the basics: Begin with the easier tables like 1, 2, 5, and 10. These are simple and can boost your confidence right away. some multiplication properties would help you in learning the basic tables.
  • Use your fingers: Counting on your fingers is a great way to visualize multiplication. For example, to learn the 3 times table, count in threes using your fingers: 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on.
  • Draw pictures: Drawing groups of objects can help you understand multiplication visually. Draw circles or groups of dots to represent the numbers you're multiplying.
  • Make it a game: Turn learning into a fun game by playing multiplication bingo, using flashcards, or competing with friends to see who can solve multiplication problems the fastest.
  • Sing a song: Create a catchy tune or rhyme to help you remember the multiplication facts. Singing makes learning more enjoyable and helps the information stick in your brain.
  • Practice with a buddy: Partner up with a friend or family member and take turns quizzing each other on the multiplication tables. Teaching someone else is a great way to reinforce your own learning.
  • Use online resources: There are plenty of online games, apps, and videos that make learning multiplication tables interactive and fun. Find one that you enjoy and practice regularly like Welcome2Maths - Multiplication Table Course
  • Break it down: Don't try to learn all the tables at once. Focus on one table at a time and take it slow. Celebrate your progress as you master each one.
  • Stay positive: Learning takes time, so be patient with yourself. Stay positive and believe in your ability to learn. You'll get there with practice and determination.
  • Celebrate your success: Whenever you master a new multiplication table, celebrate your success! Reward yourself with a treat or a fun activity to keep yourself motivated.

With these easy and friendly tips, learning multiplication tables can be a breeze! Just remember to practice regularly and stay positive. You've got this!

How to learn times tables in 5 minutes?

  • Start with the easy ones: Begin by focusing on the times tables that you already know well, such as the 1s, 5s, and 10s tables. These are often easier to memorize because they follow simple patterns. Ex- 1x2= 2, 1x3= 3, 5x3= 15, 5x5= 25, 10x2= 20, 10x3 = 30 etc.

  • Use skip counting: Skip counting is a helpful technique for learning times tables quickly. For example, to learn the 3s table, count up in increments of 3: 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on.

  • Visualize patterns: Look for patterns in the times tables that can help you remember them more easily. For example, notice that the digits in the ones place of the 5s table alternate between 5 and 0 (5, 10, 15, 20, etc.). 10s table is just like table of 1. only in the ones place we have to add 0 (10, 20, 30, etc).

  • Practice with flashcards: Create flashcards with multiplication problems on one side and the answers on the other. Shuffle the cards and quiz yourself or have a friend quiz you. Aim to answer each problem as quickly as possible.

  • Use songs or rhymes: Create catchy songs or rhymes to help you remember multiplication facts. For example, to remember the 8s table, you can use the rhyme "8 times 1 is 8, 8 times 2 is 16, and so on."

  • Chunking: Break down the times tables into smaller chunks and focus on mastering one chunk at a time. For example, start by learning the 2s, 3s, and 4s tables before moving on to the 6s, 7s, and 8s tables.

  • Stay focused: Set a timer for 5 minutes and challenge yourself to learn as many times tables as you can in that time. Stay focused and avoid distractions during your practice session.

  • Review regularly: After your 5-minute practice session, take a moment to review the times tables you've learned. Reinforce your memory by practicing regularly and quizzing yourself frequently.

By following these tips and staying focused, you can make significant progress in learning your times tables in just 5 minutes. With practice and determination, you'll soon have them memorized and ready to use!